The Role of a General Dentist in Maintaining Oral Health

The Role of a General Dentist in Maintaining Oral Health from Edward D. Dallam, DDS in Prairie Village, KSBesides ourselves, one other person plays a highly important role in maintaining our oral health, our general dentist. You see, the dentist is responsible for much of the work that goes into our mouths, and without them, most of us would be at a loss as to what to do to protect our teeth, tongue, gums, and throat from harm. Whether it be preventative care and maintenance or treating issues that pop up, the general dentist is someone we could not do without in terms of our oral health.

To help you understand just how important they are, we are going to discuss the role they play and how it helps keep us healthy.

The dentist is the first person we see

Starting from a very early age, typically, the dentist is the very first person we see regarding our oral health. They are the person that knows the most about our oral health history and with whom we have the longest relationship. This puts them at the center of our oral healthcare from the start. Everything that we do in developing our oral hygiene habits and healthcare routine likely comes from them.

This means that the person responsible for teaching us what we need to know about oral health in our youth is our dentist. The best dentists will help you develop the healthy habits that will carry you forward into adulthood and beyond.

The dentist is our first line of defense

When it comes to keeping us healthy, the dentist is the person who protects us the most. Routine exams and cleanings are designed with the purpose of keeping our mouths as healthy as possible and finding any potential issues before they become a serious threat to our health. With this in mind, our dentists schedule us for routine exams and cleanings to keep our oral health on track no matter what happens.

Our general dentist handles most of our services

With the exception of some very specific situations, the person responsible for the majority of the work that goes into our mouths and keeping them healthy is our dentist. Fillings, crowns, extractions, you name it, and the dentist is the one who ultimately does it. They also handle managing your health history and sending you to whomever you need to see in the event that you need more specialized care or help. They truly play the most important role in maintaining your oral health.

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It is hard to imagine anyone taking care of our teeth as well as we do ourselves, but when you think about all the help and services that our general dentist provides, it is so easy to see how important they are. From general care and maintenance to prevention and treatment, the dentist handles almost everything that we cannot do ourselves. For those things they do not do outright, they know how to send us to a specialist who can.

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