The Benefits of Preventative Care From a General Dentist

The Benefits of Preventative Care From a General Dentist from Edward D. Dallam, DDS in Prairie Village, KSWe all try our best to look out for our oral health, but the only way to truly keep up with our oral health is with preventative care provided by a general dentist. Brushing and flossing and oral hygiene are important, but there is so much that a dentist does that accounts for keeping us healthy. In fact, most people consider them the most important part of oral healthcare because everything that happens goes through them. They manage our healthcare and help make sure we get the treatments we need and are sent to the right specialists at the right time. Perhaps most importantly, they provide preventative care to protect us from having oral health issues in the first place.

In this post, we are going to detail some of the ways a dentist helps keep our oral health in good shape and keeps us from having to deal with some of the problems that can occur inside people’s mouths.

General dentists have access to all the tools and information

One of the main benefits of having a dentist for your mouth is that they are at the forefront of dental technology. This means that they have access to treatments and procedures that are the best available. Every day new dental technology is making it easier to keep people’s smiles in good shape or restore their smile after it has been damaged. There are a few things that can happen these days that a dentist cannot prevent or fix, and the general dentist is the one you want to handle your issues first before they get severe enough to need a specialist. The dentist’s primary role is to save teeth rather than trying to remove them whenever possible.

One of the most important procedures is part of the prevention

One of the first things we are introduced to when it comes to seeing a dentist is the routine exam and cleaning. Both of these procedures are designed to prevent issues from happening and treat them if they do pose a problem. A dental cleaning cleans the plaque and debris from around the teeth and gums to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, two of the most frequent problems that patients experience.

Exams help to spot potential problems before they grow worse. This is another way that a general dentist looks out for your oral health. A thorough exam helps to notice things that you might otherwise miss, and this helps prevent you from suddenly having a major health crisis that is difficult to treat. While they cannot stop everything from happening, finding it early is the best way to prevent it from being worse than it already is.

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There you have it, the benefits of preventative care from a general dentist. General dentists handle a lot of different responsibilities when it comes to our oral health, but the highest among them is the responsibility to prevent anything from happening in the first place or treat our oral health issues as soon as possible.

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