How a General Dentist May Restore a Damaged Tooth

How a General Dentist May Restore a Damaged Tooth from Edward D. Dallam, DDS in Prairie Village, KSWondering what a general dentist suggests for a damaged tooth? Read on to learn more. Damage to teeth can result from decay, accidents, medications, and various health conditions. Repairing a tooth is crucial for maintaining good oral and overall health.

How a general dentist restores damaged teeth

When a patient visits the dental office for a damaged tooth, their general dentist will evaluate their situation and recommend the most suitable treatment option. The dental restoration options suggested by the dentist will aim to repair the tooth as well as restore its appearance. The following are some of the treatment options a general dentist may recommend:

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are popular and permanent solutions to address tooth imperfections. General dentists can customize these thin porcelain or composite shells to match the color of the surrounding natural teeth. Veneers are typically applied to the front teeth, giving stained and broken teeth a fresh, new appearance.

Dental bonding

Chewing on or biting into hard substances can cause superficial cracks or chips on teeth. In such cases, a general dentist may recommend dental bonding. This restoration uses composite resin, which matches the color of natural teeth, to repair minor damage.

Root canals

A root canal may be necessary when a tooth has a deep crack that reaches the pulp. Pain while eating or drinking hot or cold substances can indicate the severity of the crack. During a root canal, the affected tooth's pulp will be removed, then the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected, and finally, it will be filled with gutta-percha. A dental crown often follows to provide support and protection to the treated tooth.

Dental crowns

The chewing surfaces of teeth can also suffer from damage, leading to cracked or broken cusps. Though such damage may not cause pain, the tooth's protection is compromised. In this case, a general dentist can use a dental crown or cap to cover the damaged chewing surface, protecting the tooth and restoring its appearance. This process involves shaving off a part of the healthy tooth structure to accommodate the crown, taking an impression of the tooth, and cementing the custom-fit crown in place.

Dental implants

When a crack extends below the gum line, the tooth will typically need to be extracted, as there is no way to treat the crack in the dental roots. Extraction is necessary to prevent more complicated problems. The dental professional will drill implant holes into the patient's jawbone and insert titanium rods. After osseointegration occurs over four to six months, the abutment and dental crowns can be connected.

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The bottom line

The unexpected reality of tooth damage can be distressing and debilitating due to the associated pain. Prompt treatment can prevent the damage from worsening, and the appropriate restoration can alleviate pain quickly. You should schedule a consultation if you are thinking about restoring your damaged teeth. Whether your teeth are broken or you just do not like how they look, a general dentist can recommend many solutions that may help you regain your dental health in no time.

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